Keeping It Neutral
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Thursday, September 22, 2016
By Photography By Becca
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No, not like Switzerland. I'm talking about clothing choices for your upcoming family session. Yes, it may seem old fashioned. Yes, it may seem boring. But, if you're interested in a family portrait that will look great on your walls and stand the test of time, think neutral. Here are some reasons why I love keeping a low-key color pallet:

1) Flattering. Neutrals look good on everybody because you have a wide variety of shades. If someones doesn't look good in off-white, put them in a nice tan or brown.
2) Neutrals are so easy to match that you can't go wrong. If you're stressing about finding the right shade of red for your scarf to match your husbands tie, and your kids' shirts, ditch the colors. Make life easy on yourself.
3) Patterns are easier to work with in neutrals because it's harder for them to be "loud". You throw on an orange chevron shirt and you draw all attention to yourself. However, when you make that chevron shirt a light tan and white, it's subtle enough to add interest without being over the top.
4) If you're having indoor portraits made, your photographer may not have the perfect backdrop to go with your neon green attire. However, they'll have hoards of options to match your neutrals.
5) It's an "all-season" type of color scheme. Seriously. Winter, spring, summer and fall neutrals look great in them all (see what I did there?).
6) It will match your home decor. Unless you have a very eclectic taste for your home, dressing your family in colors that don't match will not result in an image you want to hang on the wall. The best part is, it will survive change ups in your decorating; even if you finally get brave enough to try the deep red in your living room.

Here are some tips for keeping it neutral without being transported back to the 90's look of all white with khaki pants:

1) Stay away from matching everyone if you want to avoid an outdated look.
2) Light denim and dusty pink are great ways in incorporate color without being too bold.
3) Dark jeans will take away from your neutral feel. Instead, consider white or khaki pants.

Finally, here's a session from a family who rocked the neutral scheme this past spring.

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