My Philosophy

Once upon a time, photography was something to be cherished. We weren't able to simply pull out a phone and snap an image to immediately share on social media. Professional portraits were created by artists who put their heart and sole into their craft and carefully developed prints. They were placed in leather-bound albums and passed down from generation to generation. My parents have portraits on their wall that have surpassed the century mark. When you ask people what they are most likely to save in event of a fire, most people respond that they would save their photos. Photography is just as important now as ever.

Now, there are photographers around every corner. For that reason, I'm truly grateful you are even on my page. You have many options for a photographer, and I hope that you'll find what you're looking for in my images.

It may seem that the value of photography has plummeted with the ease and access of digital cameras, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Photography still takes a skillful eye and an attention to detail. Every photographer has carefully developed their own unique style. Likewise, you as the customer also have your own unique style. Don't let yourself settle for a photographer who doesn't match that style you envision for yourself.

While a digital model works great for some people, photography to me is more than handing over a disk. It's creating physical products you can hang on your walls, or flip through in an album on your lap. They are meant to be proudly displayed as art in your house.  

I specialize in wedding portraits. Through my galleries you'll gain an idea of the types of images we'll create together. If you would like a more comprehensive picture, please check out my blog. 






Rebecca Gansen, Central Iowa Photographer

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