Am I the Right Fit for You?

How do you tell if a photographer is the right fit for you? It can be hard to determine what style you prefer and find a photographer who matches it. If you agree with the majority of these statements, I may be the right choice for you.


You love photos were the subjects aren't looking straight at the camera.

You are drawn more towards classic portraits than trendy.

You prefer casual, relaxed poses to stiff, formal poses.

You find yourself wearing more neutral, "Earth" tones to bright, colorful tones.

You enjoy seeing interactions among the subjects of group and couple photos.

You prefer a simple, clean background to a busy background where the subject is lost in props.

You love images that appear barely Photoshopped compared to ones that have been heavily enhanced.

You are drawn to black and white images.

You enjoy seeing kids' natural personalities that don't necessarily portray a perfect smile.

Having a professional portrait product (such as an album) to pass down through generations is important to you.

You love the idea of proudly displaying photographic artwork in your home.


These are all staples that I have proudly built my business around. If none of these statements sound like they pertain to you, there is nothing wrong with that! The awesome part of of the digital age of photography is that there is likely a photographer out there who can completely fulfill your vision. You don't want to put a square peg in a round hole.