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Thanks for visiting Photography By Becca! I'm glad you stopped over to check out my work. I'm guessing you were referred by a friend, maybe saw me on Facebook or Google, or maybe you are from my neck of the woods. However you came to find me, I'm glad you did!

You won't find any pricing information on this website. You see, like many photographers, I believe I offer a product that is different than the norm. You've never heard that before, right?? I also believe that hiring the right photographer for your job is very important to be sure you are happy with the end result. 

The thing is, I don't want to be reduced down to a number and compared side by side to other photographers that I don't believe offer the same product that I do. My prices aren't a secret and I'm not trying to be sneaky here. I just want to be able to chat with you a bit and let you get to know me and look beyond the pricetag. I may be your cheapest option, but I don't want that to be the reason you hire me. I may be your most expensive option, but I don't want you to run for the hills without knowing why I may cost a bit more. I'm not going to try to sell myself to you, (no one likes that!), I just merely want you to have all of the facts to make an informed decision.  

You see, out of respect for my customers, I won't accept every session or wedding that comes my way. I don't think it's fair. If you are going to be shelling out a decent chunk of change to create images, don't you want those images to reflect who you are as a person? If I don't feel like I am a good match for you, I will tell you so and recommend you to someone I think is. It's not that I don't want your business; it's that I want YOU to be as happy as you can possibly be with the photographs that will be hanging in your house.